Barbara Ulman

Contemporary Classical Music

   Raised in a music-loving family, I started piano lessons at age seven, and began playing chamber music when I was twelve.  After many years of singing in choruses, accompanying choruses and soloists on the piano, and playing chamber music, I returned to college for a second B.A., this time in Music Theory and Composition.

   As a composer, my intention is to write music that is accessible and lyrical, yet contemporary sounding.  My love of poetry and the human voice has inspired me to write  art songs and music for chorus.  These are presented on this site, along with music for solo piano and for small instrumental ensembles.

  Besides music, I love all the other arts and the beauty of nature.  I frequently attend plays, poetry readings, and art galleries.  Hiking and canoeing are among my favorite outdoor activities.


24 April 2017, News

Videos for Reverie & Rondo

Here a videos made for my compositions Reverie & Rondo: Reverie Rondo

26 February 2016, News

Finished Three Songs in the Navajo Manner

I've finished the second and third art songs on Ron Singer's Poems in the Navajo Manner.  All three songs are scored for tenor, two flutes, and percussion.  I've written original melodies after listening to recordings.  My intention has ...